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Full Electrical Requirement

Over 50% of GSD’s industrial clients need increased power capacity from their original plans for specialized machinery or production equipment. Failing to address your specific electrical needs in the beginning can lead to a huge unplanned expense mid-project.

Lighting Needs

Many architects will drop a basic lighting layout into plans. But it’s important to consider exactly what, when and where the areas are to be lit. A good general contractor can help you think through a strategy to meet your needs and save you money in the long run.


Typical industrial warehouse structures have a roof deck of 20-35 feet or higher, so it makes
sense to store inventory vertically. But anything stacked over 12′ high requires a special, high
pile permit and design plans from structural engineers. Someone unfamiliar with this permitting process can add months to your build timeline.

Value Engineering

We view the GC role as a partnership with you. Sure, we have an obvious part at the end of the process when you already have the space, plans and its time to pour concrete. But consider the added value to partner at the beginning of your project. Proactively working with you to streamline the entire process and get you back to business faster is what we do best.