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The GSD team is growing! Last month, Eric Cruz came on board as a project estimator.


A native Houstonian, Eric earned his degree in Construction Management at the University of Houston then immediately began his career in commercial construction.

In his early experience as an assistant estimator and project engineer, he quickly learned that ‘time is everything’. Read on to meet Eric, the guy behind the numbers.

Q: Why commercial construction?
A: It’s an ongoing business. There is always a commercial need, especially in Houston, Texas.

Q: Favorite core class for your degree?
A: Estimating, actually! I’m a computer guy, and I really liked the On-Screen Takeoff software we used.

Q: What would be a dream project to bid and win?
A: Highrise. I look at downtown and I would love to develop something there. Then when it was done, know I was a part of that.

Q: Most significant learning experience?
A: It happened early on. I was in a hurry to meet a deadline and submitted information from a sub without reviewing everything. Some items were left out of the scope. The experience drove home that you have to be diligent and careful. Always check twice.

Q: Best UH undergrad memory?
A: The UH vs. Louisville game. (Football, 2016) It was an upset. No one expected us to win.

Q: Saddest March Madness bracket heartbreak?
A: Obviously, UH. I wouldn’t care if my whole bracket was busted if they went all the way. But also the UVA game.

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